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Ashley Madison customers have fallen victim to new ‘sextortion’ scams five years on from the initial cyber breach that exposed 37 million users of the cheating website. Those millions of Ashley Madison men were paying to hook up with women who appeared to have created profiles and then simply disappeared. Ashley Madison was the subject of an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015 for a data breach that exposed more than 36 million customers’ private information and discovered the site using computer programs to impersonate women and engage men subscribers. As most other FTC data security cases, the order requires Ashley Madison to hire a third party to perform an initial security assessment and then to do so again every two years for twenty years, and submit those reports to the FTC.

Personal data of 6.5 million Israeli voters leaked In a massive breach, an election app named Elector in use by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party exposed sensitive personal data – including identity card numbers, full names and addresses of the country’s entire national voting registration of about 6.5 million citizens. Furthermore, 59 percent within that survey group stated that they had never used it. Additionally, Ashley Madison ranked first in terms of adult dating site or app awareness in the United Kingdom, with 24 percent of surveyed individuals who reported that they knew it at least by name.

Their FriendFinder hack tool, soon to be updated with data from Ashley Madison, is seeing a new search every five to 10 seconds. The hackers explained that they decided to target Avid Life Media because the firm has allegedly been lying to customers with their Full Delete” feature on The site gives customers the option to delete their profile and usage history for a $19 fee. Really, this rebranding” only gives off poor taste and does little to attract new users.

Ashley Madison is a dating site that can help you bring to life almost any sexual fantasy. Although companies fall victim to data breaches every day, Ashley Madison has struck a particularly sensitive nerve given the risqué nature of the site. Rank History shows how popular ASHLEY MADISON: Life Is Short. Whoever hacked the sites claimed they did so to expose alleged lies Ashley Madison told customers about a service that allows members to erase profile information for a $19 fee, Krebs reported.

The blackmail may not just affect the victims themselves, but also people related to them The breached personal data can even be possibly used to attempt to breach the companies the victims work for. Weaknesses and strengths are in balance with Ashley Madison, but thanks to an affair guarantee, there is little risk. Now, the hackers claim to have released the stolen information, a 10-gigabyte archive of more than 30 million profiles with e-mail addresses, messages and transaction data.